About Purdeylee

It is very common to read on the 'about me' page,  'passion and drive and love of a job' or why a favorite colour is what it is. I could very well do the same thing, but to me there has to be even more reason to why I choose Photography.

I'm the one behind the camera- and this is where I much prefer to be. I believe that no two people look at the world in the same way. I feel privileged that people choose to hire me, to capture their precious memories, because they like the way I choose to see things. 

I choose to treat each and every job differently, yet no matter how different the job/clients may be I continue to feel blessed and honored that they chose me. Feeling this way assures me that I will be doing all I can, to give my clients the highest quality work I know how.

About PurdeyLee